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The Art of Passing

Don’t look for us in this place tomorrow,

Our worn boots are just passing through.

No matter the boon or beauty here,

We may only tarry for a day or two.


The art of passing is what we practice,

With footprints on paths we paint the miles,

Passing rocks and hills, lakes and rills.

Our steps pass fields, cross stiles.


We pass people and oft we have to stop,

To pass pleasant time, the weather we discuss.

Then moving reluctantly on past lake and hill,

We jealously watch the clouds pass us.


When our day is past, the evening waning,

And our legs grow weary and tired,

We realize that to master this passing art,

We are not done, more practice is required.


So don’t look for us in this place tomorrow,

Closer to the grave we must daily proceed,

And one day finish a masterpiece of passing,

This wandering life we lead.


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