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In a recent conversation with a hiking friend the topic came up of why we do what we do: multi-day backpacking.  What drives us to leave the asphalt and concrete for a week or more at a time to just walk?  Why leave comfort, ease of living, convenience, and “safety”?  Why hike off into the wilderness with nothing but the pack on your back and a goodbye wave?  This is the point were most of us get philosophical, etc.  Ok, I guess I will too.

The truth is I believe that from time to  time we need to be free from pressure…of any kind. Like wiping the blackboard clean to start over (here is the spot where the kids say “what’s a black board?”) anew and fresh.  Totally out from under the burdens of daily living that include payments, jobs, school, and especially modern communication.

Modern cell phones and social media have come to invasively permeate our lives.  Often we see this as a good thing, like drinking orange juice because it is good for us… but the person who drinks a gallon a day begins to have adverse effects from it with bad consequences.

I see my cell phone as a modern necessity, but I need to be free from it sometimes.  Analogy number 1: It’s like that person you really like but when you have to spend three months with them locked in a cabin you find yourself daydreaming about how nice it would be to quietly kill them in their sleep.  Just a thought…

Analogy number 2, and perhaps a more accurate one: My cell phone is like a fly buzzing around me.  It’s not a bother for the first couple times it distracts me.  Over time I can develop a tolerance for the fly, after all he isn’t hurting me, just bugging me constantly with unwanted and unneeded distraction.  I might even enjoy watching the fly occasionally as he circles around me, but… after a while that fly might just drive me a small bit, slightly, a little bit MAD…

I have had people tell me in disbelief that I must be crazy to walk off into the woods for days on end.  Why would I want to do that?  Sanity, that is why.  Who is really crazy here, the person who lives in an artificial, virtual world of needless harassment and distracting “entertainment”, or someone who walks in the real one?

Go take a walk… as your therapist, I demand it.