A New Kind of Knife

My younger brother, Loren, is a big outdoorsman: hunting , fishing, and general outside adventure. He is always checking out the latest gadgets and tools. I often hear about new innovations from him. This wonderful new knife is no different.

Loren gave a  Havalon Piranta Edge  knife to me as a gift last Christmas. He bought one for himself and liked the knife so much he wanted to share one with me. Have I mentioned that he is a great guy?  You probably are figuring that out.

Knives usually are pretty heavy if they are any good.  Weighing in at a miniscule 1.6 ounces, the Edge is not a “heavy weight” knife but it is a full sized 2.5 inch blade.  Add to that a strong, ergonomic composite handle in day-glow orange you couldn’t lose in a snow storm and you have a nice knife, but not an exceptional one.  To earn that badge Havalon knives use surgical steel!!!

If you look close you will see that the blade resembles a scalpel.  Well, for all practical purposes, it is.  The blades are replaceable.  They come in sterile foil packs and are surgical scalpel sharp. Yes, my doctor could use this.

Forget sharpening, just clip on a new, razor sharp blade.  Blades take a realistic two seconds to remove and replace.  It takes longer to get the foil package open on the new blade than it does to install it.  I did some checking and blades are not expensive.

Despite the ease of replacement, the blade mount is very durable.  All the metal parts seem to be stainless, including the belt clip.  There are four members of my family now putting the Edge through the paces and so far no one can give the knife a bad review, and we are tough on gear.

Havalon has produced 4 or 5 variations of this style knife with replaceable blades, each designed for different uses with different looks and different handle colors.

The one thing I will not use this blade for is prying on something.  Like most thin, high tinsel blades, they will snap off easily with moderate sideways pressure.  A flying razor blade is not a happy thing.  It is worth noting that I will not use a regular heavy bladed knife to do these actions either.  A good blade is not to be used in such a disrespectful manner.


Sharp blades with no sharpening.

Easy change blades.

Light weight.

Durable, comfortable handle in a hard to lose color.


You have to buy replacement blades.

Blades can break under pressure.


I can tell you I found it cheapest at Cabela’s:

Havalon Piranta Edge Knife       $39.95 at Cabela’s

Havalon Replacement Blades    $10.95 per 12 pack


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