Trail Food! What do you like?

With warmer weather upon us, hikers are getting the itch to go out and get their shoes dirty.  But what do you eat out there?  I have seen some pretty amazing things come out of a backpack on long hikes, including a full size frying pan!!!  I kid you not.  So what does good trail food look like?

Breakfast- simple but good

You could go buy the expensive, pre-packaged foods at a camping store.  While convenient, it’s not for me.  The cost is prohibitive ($7-$10 per meal) for a long hike and the flavors leave something to be desired.

My favorite trail foods are those that I package up myself, like Shepherds Pie and Red Beans and Rice.  These kinds of meals can be light weight, nutritional, and good tasting.  I dehydrate most of the ingredients so the cost is usually low.

Meals like this can get complex and quite tasty.  My friend Chef Glenn has an entire web site devoted to trail food preparation he calls Backpacking Food For The Soul.  The site is at  He is wonderful cook and is well known for his creative trail food, hence his trail name “Chef Glenn”.

Re-packaging dry foods into smaller portions works great.  I zip top bag or vacuum pack soups, mashed potatoes, and stew mixes like this into individual meal portions.  This works great if you split food preparation up with friends.

I also like to take advantage of convenient dry packaged foods like individual packs of grits, oatmeal, and good ol’ Hamburger Helper Cheesy Macaroni (microwave- works just as good with boiling water).

Of course, there are the tried and true tuna fish, raman noodles, and individual pack peanut butter that are all easy, good for you meals.

So what do you do for food?  I’d like to hear what your favorite trail meals look like.  Give it a post…


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