The Stick Pic Review


The Stick Pic!  Cute name, small package, but big product!!! 


One of my favorite things in my pack is my little Stick Pic.  This ingenious camera holder lets me take pictures of…well, me, but in a great way. 

I have a friend, Jason Klass, in Colorado who is great gear reviewer.  I highly recommend his site  for gear reviews and insights in backpacking.  We Skype occasionally about packing, etc. A long while back we talked about several products that we both liked, including the Stick Pic.  He liked it so much he made one of his review videos to show it…so why should I reinvent the wheel?  Here it is…  

As I am sure you can see in Jason’s video this is an awesome little item.  I have used it for almost 2 years now with only a single complaint. I sometimes do not fit it snuggly on the pole end which lets the camera flip over to the underside of the pole at inopportune moments.  Humorous, but not funny at the time.  Chalk this one up to operator error (that would mean me).  On the bright side my friends all want to know who my photographer is that shows up at all the pretty overlooks just to take great pictures of me.  Cha-ching!  “Yes, Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close up now.”

One note:  you need to have the type of hiking pole you will use to properly fit your Stick Pic.  Since the diameter of poles differs with the manufacturer, the Stick Pic is made in several sizes.  Mine just happens to be a #2 that fits Leki poles.  Yours may be different.  Check before you order. 


  • Simple to use with great results
  • Ultra-light weight
  • Solves an old problem


  • None

The cost of a Stick Pic is only $13.99 plus $1.61 shipping anywhere in the U.S.  What a bargain! 

To get yours go to:



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